Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Digital Figure Painting

Ive done quite a bit of figure drawing but sadly, hardly any painting. I plan to remedy this soon. Here is first of a series. This took me around 3 or 4 hours. Any critique is welcome, this is something I haven't done to much of. Thanks.


Dianne said...

I have no experience to offer on this, but it must be pretty good, because my neck starts to ache if I look at it long! It sounds like you are quick to get all that shaping in 3 to 4 hours.

nigelfletcher said...

Interesting, and I used to work with Codemasters the English games designers when they started up as their packaging illustrator, but you prob never heard of them?

Maury Weiss said...

Thanks for the comments. I actually painted this from a photo from Its not quite as good as from life but still helps me learn. Sorry Nigel, I haven't heard of Codemasters but it is good to hear from a fellow illustrator.