Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shadowrun Returns

This is some art released from from the studio I work at, Harebrained Schemes. This is for the new Shadowrun Returns game releasing next year. I modeled and textured the ork and troll as well as some of the other costumes and gear items you see in the poster. I also did the 3d lighting for the poster. The last two images are from a Game Informer article that came out January 2013.

Some stuff from the alpha game play video we released. When I do the "big post" I will give credit to all my awesome employees. Lets just say for now that I did a scattering of the character work seen in the video. Including Jake ( the orange haired guy ), the troll and his shaman outfit (minus the horns and outfit re-fitting), the flight suit ( outfit only ), the little flying robot, the basilisk and the red monster abomination thing.

Plien Air

Went on a plein air painting trip with the old man. We went to a couple spots around the Dosiwalips day park on the Olympic Peninsula. These are painted with oils on canvas paper, each within a few hours.